Black Hawk is very proud to be Australian made. We are all about good health and well being for your pets.  Our recipes reflect a strong commitment toward quality, while also maintaining an affordable price.  Black Hawk is known to be the affordable, super premium food. 

It really is that simple but we know you’d like more information, so we’ve put together a few key facts to help you understand what makes our food stand out from the rest.  Scroll further down the page or select from our menu to find out more.  Don't forget, if you need a retail outlet, check our retailers page for a store near you.

Dog food.

Black Hawk has a range of dog food to suit most breeds and life stages of your pet. Our Original Recipes are highly palatable and offer an affordable, super premium diet. The added benefit of brown rice and other digestible grains are an excellent source of carbohydrates. For dogs who may have an intolerance to grains in their diet, we also have a range of Grain Free Recipes to cater to these needs.

Cat food.

Black Hawk has a range of cat food for all life stages of your pet. We have a range of Original Recipes designed to satisfy the fussiest of felines with the added benefit of brown rice, which supplies natural dietary fibre for healthy digestion. Some cats do not respond well to added carbohydrates in their diet, for this reason we have developed a Grain Free option to satisfy their more specific dietary needs.

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Latest News.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

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New Kibble Shape - Feline Chicken & Rice

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

At Black Hawk, we not only pride ourselves on remaining open to feedback from our valued customers, but actively integrate this into our product development so that we can continue making a great product even...

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New location

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

As of the 4th March 2015 we will be moving our office location from Carrum Downs to Keysborough.  Our new home will be 16 Fiveways Blvd Keysborough 3173.  All phone numbers will remain the same.

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We enjoying talking about our products and sharing the benefits with you, but our customers would like to share their stories with you too…

Bang Bang's story

I just wanted to write and praise your products..

I am a ex military veteran ( 16 years service, 2 RAR ) suffering from PTSD along with other service related mental disorders and about twelve months ago was granted permission for a Military Veteran's Companion Dog.  With the help of Soldier On we finally pick out a little Great Dane puppy from western NSW, and after five days solid driving returned home to Carins, with my little man 'Bang Bang'.

He is quite literally the 24/7 companion that I needed and I'm undoubtedly in love with this little guy, however for several months I had a lot of problems with upset tummies, vomiting, restlessness, whining and crying for no apparent reason ect ect.  He was just generally a grumpy, unhappy little guy with no energy and was constantly shedding his coat, itching and scratching and had weepy eyes.  I was genuinely starting to think I had brought home a very sick little pup... And the vet bill was just out of control, totalling more than $2200 in three months.  

After switching his food to Black Hawk (by suggestion form a ex service mate of mine who feeds black hawk to his companion dog) the change in my puppy is quite unbelievable... He's boundless energy, is happy, healthy and looks so well.  We no longer have tummy aches, and don't vomit after eating, he hardly sheds fur now, and his coat is shiny and healthy. He's sleeping right through the night now only waking up when I do.

I've had him on Black Hawk now for three months, he's six months old and is behaving like a little monster.

So I just wanted to thank you guys so much for making this a possibility... I'm just not sure what would have happened to my little fellow if I hadn't got him onto your puppy formula.Thanks, Nicole, Scott and Bang Bang Scott. Cairns, North Queensland.

- Nicole North Queensland

Flat Coated Retrievers

I have had my dogs (Flatcoated Retrievers) on Black Hawk Lamb & Rice for a couple of years now, and I have to say thank you! Shiny coats and really happy dogs.  Earlier this year we had a litter of puppies and it is the first time I have used Black Hawk puppy. I am incredibly impressed at how the puppies have turned out.

Thank you for a quality product, made in Australia, that delivers what it promises.

- Julee Hosking