Meet our Black Hawk Ambassadors

Get to know the cat and dog breeders who stand by Black Hawk as the food of choice for their pets.

Simon & Sheena Kirkpatrick preview

Simon & Sheena Kirkpatrick

“Love the Dog First and the Sport Second”

Tiarne Tattersall preview

Tiarne Tattersall

Black Hawk represents a quality brand that keeps the dogs in great condition and it’s good for weaning puppies onto as well. It helps us raise healthy dogs.”

Robert & Chloe Armatys preview

Robert & Chloe Armatys

"Our dogs thrive on the naturally sourced ingredients - they have healthy skin, glossy coats and are in excellent condition."

Sonya Greenfield preview

Sonya Greenfield

"The need for a high-quality control energy releasing nutrient biscuit which Black Hawk has a great variety to accommodate all types of breed specifics".

Makaela Chato preview

Makaela Chato

"The awards, and the healthiness of their coats and bodies speak for themselves."

David Tattersall preview

David Tattersall

"I feel it’s extremely important to feed a healthy diet and to have dogs that are healthy inside & out, for me Black Hawk meets every requirement."

Rick & Kathryn Berwick preview

Rick & Kathryn Berwick

"Since that first bag we were hooked and haven’t looked back!"

Sophia Dalidakis & Heather Kite preview

Sophia Dalidakis & Heather Kite

"We are passionate about the Siberian Husky and proud that we can work them in harness and that they can hold their own in the show ring."

Melissa Starkey & Danny Willson preview

Melissa Starkey & Danny Willson

"It is our passion to strive for the best we can be with importing dogs and combining our kennels together."

Ann Cassidy preview

Ann Cassidy

"My success in the show ring speaks for itself however our dogs are our pets first and show dogs second."

Ben & Hollie Clarke preview

Ben & Hollie Clarke

"Our dogs are absolutely thriving on Black Hawk Original Adult Lamb and Rice"

Marie Patten preview

Marie Patten

"I have been privileged to have judged dogs all around the world"