Get to know the cat and dog breeders who stand by Black Hawk as the food of choice for their pets.

Gary Neal & Sue Jobey preview

Gary Neal & Sue Jobey

We believe and hope we have bred to better the breed with investing in new breeding lines and our opinion of feeding the best food for our dogs.

Teresa Lawrence preview

Teresa Lawrence

It is important to me that I am feeding a high-quality product and I am proud to use and recommend Black Hawk. My puppies are weaned and raised on Black Hawk to set them up well from the beginning.

Debbie Hull preview

Debbie Hull

I have found the product suits my dogs very well, keeps their flowing coats in great condition and the ingredients suits their inner health well.

Diane Riley preview

Diane Riley

I am Diane Riley Breeder of Australian terriers under the Tasdale prefix. I am a proud Black Hawk Ambassador.

Penny & Muz Brooks preview

Penny & Muz Brooks

We don’t breed a lot, only when we want a new puppy to show ourselves but pride ourselves on the health testing and quality of the puppies we have produced.

Kelly Te Reo preview

Kelly Te Reo

Our family is officially part of the Black Hawk family and we are super excited and honoured to stand alongside with such an amazing brand.

Sonia & Lauren Morris preview

Sonia & Lauren Morris

When Black Hawk was made available in New Zealand we jumped at the chance to feed it to our dogs and the benefits didn't take long to show.

Hank Faifua & Tony Fox, Benbridge Whippets preview

Hank Faifua & Tony Fox, Benbridge Whippets

Hank Faifua & Tony Fox, Benbridge Whippets