Our story

Our story is real, and simple – every ingredient matters

Black Hawk has cared deeply about pet nutrition from the outset. 

To us, every ingredient matters. Everything we do, and every product we make, is about ensuring our pet gets everything they need and nothing they don't. We source our premium ingredients form local farming partners, develop our recipes with our team of expert pet nutritionists and vets, and manufacture in regional Australia.

We are extremely proud of this commitment, as well as our long-standing loyalty to Australian farmers and regional communities. This is reflected in the ingredients we buy, and the wide range of community programs we support.  

Black Hawk pet foods are proudly manufactured at our state of the art facility in Parkes NSW.

An original recipe for success

Black Hawk pioneered the real food movement for pets. Our original recipe was developed when a passionate breeder simply applied this way of thinking to their dog’s diet—relentlessly searching for ingredients with a nutritional benefit, and removing all that were lacking. Today, every Black Hawk product is made with this same philosophy: every ingredient matters. We use real, natural ingredients that are gently processed into kibble in a way that retains crucial vitamins and minerals, and never include the ‘fillers’ that can be found in other pet food. 

Over the years, Black Hawk has been committed to always going further and doing more—by using better ingredients, creating better products, and delivering better care and nutrition.   

From strength to strength

Other breeders quickly embraced Black Hawk’s recipe for success. They could see shinier coats and happier, healthier dogs due to optimal nutrition. The movement grew organically, and soon the Black Hawk approach was being passed from owner to owner. 

Today, Black Hawk remains passionately committed to delivering balanced, nutritious pet foods for both dogs and cats, as well as providing owners with the very best for their pets.

Proudly part of the Masterpet brand

Black Hawk sits proudly within Masterpet—a publicly listed Australian and New Zealand business that’s part of the EBOS group. For over nine decades, Masterpet has been providing highly nutritious food and treats, plus grooming and clean-up products and accessories, to pet owners across Australasia. As part of Masterpet, Black Hawk is committed to the belief that if our products aren’t good enough for our own pets, they’re not good enough for your pet either.


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