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The most rapid period of growth occurs in the first months of a puppy’s life. During this period their energy requirements can be up to three times that of an adult dog, with different breeds growing at different rates.

It is therefore really important to choose a food that provides your puppy with what they need. So look for foods that are specifically created for puppies so they’ll receive the right ratio of calcium to phosphorus, which is vital for optimal bone growth and joint formation.

So why do puppies need specific food?

We feed puppies different food for exactly the same reason we feed human babies different food from adults. They’re digestive tracts aren’t fully developed, and they’re growing at an incredible rate. Adult foods simply don’t provide the right nutritional requirements for a growing puppy.

Puppy foods should have a strict calcium to phosphorous ratio, which will vary slightly between the sizes (ie a small breed pup will require a slightly different ratio from a large breed pup). It’s important to note that it’s the ratio which is critical, not just the presence of calcium. This is why you can not just add calcium to an adult diet, and then feed it to a puppy. If this ratio isn’t correct, the puppy can develop bowed legs, and other skeletal abnormalities.

Another difference between puppy food and adult food is the amount of energy levels and ingredient composition. Puppy food is generally higher energy, and will have higher fat levels in the blends.
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Black Hawk has puppy food catered specifically for your growing best friend’s needs. Use our feeding calculator to see how much Black Hawk you should be feeding each day.

At Black Hawk, we believe optimal health is achieved by providing a complete diet using ingredients derived as closely from their natural state as possible. See our range of puppy foods here.