Proudly feeding Land Search & Rescue Dogs NZ

Black Hawk is proud to feed all operational Land Search & Rescue Dogs in New Zealand (LandSAR).

LandSAR trust the real, quality ingredients in Black Hawk to give their dogs everything they need to stay healthy and happy.

Watch the below video and see what it’s like to be a Land Search & Rescue Dog like Rocket, and the incredible bond that he shares with his partner Matt.



Who are Land Search and Rescue (LandSAR) Dogs?

LandSAR is a volunteer organisation of over 3000 people that assist with search and rescue missions in NZ

Trained LandSAR search dogs use scent and tracking skills which are often essential to rescues

LandSAR dogs have been vital in major New Zealand events such as the Christchurch Earthquakes

Did you know?

  • Avalanche dogs use airborne scent to locate people under the snow
  • Wilderness dogs are trained to follow ground scent where a person has walked (who may be lost)
  • A New Zealand qualified area (or air scent) dog will ‘follow up’ the scent to the lost person, through heavy bush, along beaches, lake shores, over farmland and parks - during the day, evening and in the dark



Landsar Rocket On Mountain 1020X573
LandSAR dog Rocket