What dog food is made up of.

by Black Hawk
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When it comes to choosing the right fuel for your dog, it pays to do a little dog food research. Some breeds, for example Labrador Retrievers, need extra care with their diet, as they are prone to overeating and weight gain.

Dog diets have three main components


Proteins are hugely important, providing energy and amino acids for creating and repairing body tissues. Meat is a great source of protein, as it provides all of the essential amino acids that dogs require.


Fat is a very important energy source, and is essential for skin and coat health, and for providing fat-soluble vitamins.


Carbohydrates are also a good energy source, and the inclusion of insoluble carbohydrates such as beet pulp are important for bowel health and regularity. Avoid feeds with high percentages of filler ingredients (like grains), as these are not as nutritious and, while they may be cheaper, you’ll find that your dog will need to consume larger meals to get full.

How much and how often?

How much and how often you should be feeding your pooch will vary based on breed, age and activity levels.


Puppies need more frequent feeding, with puppy-specific food, as they have smaller stomachs.

Young adult/adults

Some older, more sedentary dogs are prone to weight gain. In these dogs, it’s important to feed less often, or feed a lower calorie food.