Little kittens have big nutritional needs

by Dr Lee Danks
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Little kittens have big nutritional needs

Kittens are strict carnivores, and really need the nutrients found in animal proteins for optimal tissue growth. Because kittens are small and have limited stomach capacity, they can’t eat much. So it’s important to give them energy and nutrient-dense,  good quality food that's formulated specifically for kittens. Anything else, such as homemade foods, dog foods, adult cat foods and human foods, cannot give your hungry new addition the vital nutrients they need for healthy growth.


Here’s what to look for in kitten food

  • The food should be ‘complete and balanced for growth’.
  • It should have an AAFCO  (Association of American Feed Control Officials) statement, guaranteeing that it’s well formulated.
  • The ingredient panel should include some type of animal protein as the main/first ingredient on the list: chicken, , fish, lamb, beef and egg are all good protein sources.
  • A nice blend of other ingredients: fruits and veggies, fats and oils and vitamins and minerals. When well chosen and expertly blended, they deliver the nutrients they need, are easily digestible and lead to les ‘waste’ Poorly digestible proteins include cereal, soy, wheat and corn – you’ll spot them right away as the main ingredients of low quality foods. Scratch those.

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