Healthy Benefits

With the thought that ‘food is our first medicine’, what we choose to put in their bowls has a great influence on their health, and it’s with this theory in mind we have created Healthy Benefit recipes. These bags of unassuming biscuits (kibble, to those in the industry) not only check the boxes for ‘what they need to survive’ on a day-to-day basis, but truly support their bodies for longer-lasting health beyond today and tomorrow.

We’ve created four recipes which single out a singular body system of your dog and address the four most common health concerns of pet parents. We hope that one of the below not only addresses a niggling feeling of yours that you could ‘do something more’ to support a particular health concern, but truly fulfil a need of theirs, which will take your care to the next level.

BH450 Black Hawk Dog HB Sensitive Skin Gut 2Kg Front 491X491

Sensitive Skin & Gut

Healthy Benefits Adult Dog Food All breeds

BH447 Black Hawk Dog HB Joints Muscles 2Kg Front 491X491

Joints & Muscles

Healthy Benefits Adult Dog Food All breeds

BH456 Black Hawk Dog HB Weight Management 2Kg Front 491X491

Weight Management

Healthy Benefits Adult Dog Food All breeds

BH459 Black Hawk Dog HB Dental 2Kg Front 491X491


Healthy Benefits Adult Dog Food All breeds

So what sets these new functional dog foods different?

  • Sensitive Skin & Gut“He gets into everything, and his gut tells me when he’s eaten something he shouldn’t.”
  • Weight Management“She has always been food motivated.”
  • Dental“I suspect he’ll have tooth issues in the future.”
  • Joints & Muscles“She’s very healthy and active, and often gives those joints a good work-out.”



You may notice there are some qualities that are common between these diets.

1. Ingredients

Look for the descriptions on the back of the bag, such as chicken, beet pulp, carrots, faba beans, algae B glucans, etc. These come together like pieces of a puzzle, included in just the right way to deliver the nutrients that help your dog thrive. Every ingredient has a purpose and will help your dog live a happy and healthy life.

2. ‘Fresh Meat’

Means that we’ve included chicken ingredients that give the Healthy Benefits range a boost of protein. It also aims to dial-up the deliciousness factor, meaning that your dog will thank you all the more for their meal times.

3. ‘Made in Parkes, NSW’

Indicates that Black Hawk products are made locally, in what’s often described as ‘Australia’s Food Bowl’, where the Pet Care Kitchen brings together ingredients, in a second-to-none manufacturing process overseen by strict quality assurance programs.

4. Tried and tested, Black Hawk to the core.

Our beliefs as a company and approach to nutrition hasn’t changed in the Healthy Benefits range. You’ll notice that we’re still prioritising a natural approach, with an emphasis on giving them all that they need, and nothing they don’t. The bags should tell you the full story about each product, but we’re always available to take any queries.