Chiu Yen Ong

Chiu Yen Ong

R&D Manager - Wet petfood and treats
Bachelor of Food Science, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Chiu Yen is an exceptionally dedicated Research & Development scientist with extensive experience in the FMCG industry, specializing in both pet food and human food. Her passion for her work is evident in her hands-on approach, spending long hours in the laboratory perfecting formulations and actively engaging with production floor challenges and constraints.


When asked about her role, Chiu Yen exclaims, "I love product development! It brings me joy to combine my knowledge of ingredients and manufacturing processes with input from veterinarians, nutritional expertise, and scientific findings to create the best possible food for our beloved pets."

She takes great pride in her ability to access abundant resources and formulate optimal foods tailored to the unique needs of furry companions. Chiu Yen recognizes the vast amount of knowledge to be gained about pets, including their behaviour, health and well-being, food preferences, and much more, and she eagerly embraces the continuous learning process.

Notably, Chiu Yen's affection for animals extends beyond her professional life. Alongside her sister, she shares a deep love for pets and proudly cares for hamsters, guinea pigs, cats, and fancy rats.

She acknowledges the profound sense of responsibility that comes with being a pet owner and appreciates the valuable life lessons they teach.

"As much as we strive to understand our pets' needs, we must also recognize the invaluable lessons they impart to us. They rely on us for their care and well-being, teaching us about unconditional love, patience, and the importance of cherishing every single moment in life," Chiu Yen reflects.


Drawing inspiration from her previous dog, Gugug, she learned the significance of not being too harsh on oneself and finding joy in the present. Chiu Yen's personal experiences with her pets have shaped her perspective and reinforced her commitment to creating the best possible products for the well-being and happiness of all animals.


Chiu Yen's unwavering dedication to product development, her genuine love for pets, and the profound impact they have had on her life make her an invaluable asset to the industry. Her expertise and heartfelt connection with animals drive her to continually innovate and provide superior quality nutrition for our beloved furry friends.