Black Hawk Dry Food 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

This 30 Day Money Back Guarantee does not exclude or replace your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act or otherwise as required by law.

What is it?

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee applies where:

  1. You have a NZ residential address and purchase a Black Hawk dry cat or dog food product (Eligible Product) from a New Zealand retailer for your household use.
  2. Your cat or dog is refusing to eat the food, and the food has been fed for the first time following a period of gradual introduction appropriate for the pet (we recommend allowing for at least a 5-7 day gradual transition between diets).
  3. Your claim is made and the bag with remaining product is returned within 30 days from the purchase of the Eligible Product (proof of purchase is required).
  4. The Eligible Product is still within its Expiry/Best Before Date when you make your claim.

Claims are limited to one claim per household within a 12 month period (proof of residential address will be required).

How to make a claim?

To make a claim, you must take the following steps within 30 days from the date of you purchased the Eligible Product:

  1. Contact the retailer where you purchased the Eligible Product and provide an explanation as to why you wish to return the Eligible Product and confirm that a transition period to the Eligible Product was undertaken.
  2. Provide the retailer with proof of purchase (such as a sales receipt or invoice).
  3. Return the bag and remaining product to the retailer at your own cost.
  4. Provide an explanation in writing what happened when you introduced the food to your pet along with, your name and email address.
  5. You will also provide the following information to the retailer: Expiry/Best Before Date, Batch Code, Product Variety Type and Bag Size.

Where you make a valid claim, the retailer will give you a full refund of the price you paid for the Eligible Product.  

Limitations and other key terms

  1. Only natural persons with an NZ residential address, excluding employees of Masterpet and/or its related companies are eligible to make a claim.
  2. This offer is not available for trade (commercial) or for wholesale purchasers or where you purchased the Eligible Products for resupply or commercial use.
  3. Claims are limited to one claim per household within a 12 month period (proof of residential address will be required).
  4. Not applicable for products that have passed their Expiry/Best Before Date.
  5. Masterpet may vary, revoke, or replace this money back guarantee and these terms at any time in its sole discretion and without notice.

Personal information and privacy

You will be required to fill out a request form supplying your name, email address and signature and ticking an authorisation box to confirm you have read and understood how your information will be held, giving your consent to Masterpet to hold your information for verification and auditing purposes.

Please be aware Masterpet will hold this form including the information you have supplied for verification and auditing purposes in accordance with the Masterpet Privacy Policy.

Retailer Terms and Conditions

Palatability Money Back Guarantee claims are to be processed by a Masterpet Territory Manager as a credit against the trade customer account. The Masterpet Territory Manager is to complete the relevant documentation.

To process a Money Back Guarantee with Masterpet, the Retailer must provide to Masterpet:

  • the original receipt and explanation of why the product was returned;
  • confirmation that the customer undertook a transition from one product to the other; and
  • evidence that the product was returned to store no later than 30 days after purchase or at least 50% of the product remained uneaten.

Masterpet may refuse to process the credit if the retailer fails to establish their entitlement to the credit (e.g. failing to produce the documentation to the required standard) or, if in Masterpet’s reasonable opinion, the claims are illegible, stolen, forged, reconstructed, altered, incomplete or tampered with in any way.