Wet Cat Food

With the goodness of real chicken, fish and seafood, our great-tasting, high protein wet cat and kitten foods fulfil cats’ carnivorous nature and add welcome variety, whether fed as a complete, nutritionally balanced meal or in combination with dry food.

Black Hawk Wet Cat Food also contains a rich gravy, which delivers the most important nutrient – water. Given that cats have a low thirst drive, wet cat foods assist in maintaining hydration, supporting your cat's urinary health and digestion.

BHC508 PNG Original Cat Chicken 491X491

Chicken in Gravy

Wet Adult Cat Food

BHC509 PNG Original Cat Chicken Tuna 491X491

Chicken & Tuna

Wet Adult Cat Food

BHC510 PNG Original Cat Chicken Seafood 491X491

Chicken & Seafood

Wet Adult Cat Food

BHC512 PNG HB Indoor Cat Chicken Whitefish 491X491

Indoor Chicken & Whitefish

Wet Adult Cat Food

BHC511 PNG Original Cat Variety 12 Pack 491X491

Variety Pack

Wet Adult Cat Food

BHC502 Black Hawk Grain Free Adult Wet Cat Chicken With Peas And Broth Front 491X491

Chicken with Peas & Broth

Wet Adult Cat Food

Black Hawk wet cat food is available in kitten and adult varieties with specific formulas available for cats at different life stages.